Lots has been going on this June so let’s launch right into it!

June has been a great month for Big G and I. We’ve been busy getting more competition experience, qualifying for Petplan Area Festivals and Regionals! Firstly, we took part in the Hartpury Summer Fair Dressage Demo, we produced a relaxed and fluent test to win with 79.4%. We were back at Hartpury soon enough for more affiliated competition where we did 2 Novice tests. Before the first one I had a bit of a random meltdown so that led to a spooky and not very fluent test. We came 3rd with 61.72% but that didn’t stop us as we got ourselves together for the second one and came 2nd with 70.19% only being beaten by someone that rides for Carl Hester!

Big G and I

We also had a lesson with Olivia Oakeley in which we worked on G’s shoulder positioning and my position within transitions, especially upwards to canter as we were having a bit of trouble with them. The following weekend we went to Hunters E.C where we won both our tests, the first one with 73.5% and the second with 69.6%, he was really tired for the last one but he still tried and carried himself better than he has done previously which shows that he is getting stronger through his big body! Horse and Hound called us to speak about our recent competition success so we had a little write up in there as well!

Next on the calendar was Hartpury again where despite the scorching heat we won our first test with 70%+ and came 3rd in the second one with a few errors due to some baby muddling in the canter transitions!

After a busy few weeks G had more of a relaxed week and got some more dancing shoes, with the Welsh Dragon on his toe clips from our awesome farrier Ryan Mcdonald. We both had sessions with Dee Holdsworth (DS Therapy) to make sure our muscles were relaxed and we were ready for competing at Summerhouse the next week. We had a fantastic time at Summerhouse, winning both classes with 71.2% and 74%, we got some great comments from the judges and I was so proud of Big G because he had never been there before and showed real maturity and confidence in a new, spooky arena! I also really felt him starting to push more in his medium trots showing him developing well. We have been working hard with Emma Corbett on our training and we are starting to put together the elementary movements ready for our first affiliated competition very soon.

Finally, I have finished exams for this year and have left college for the summer holidays where we have so much planned and lots to look forward to! Watch this space!

Woohoo! Bring on summer!

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