Sorry for the slight delay in getting my December blog out, to say I’ve been busy throughout December is an understatement! Work has been absolutely manic with the broodmares and youngsters coming out of the soggy fields into their winter housing. However, with 12 sold to Germany before Christmas, things are a little quieter meaning I’ve had a lovely little break to enjoy the festivities.

Herbie is well into his preparations for the 2018 BE season and as well as plenty of hacking, he has been building up work in the school and has also had his first few jumping sessions which he found VERY exciting after a few months away from it! He already feels stronger and more mature after his holiday, which is always lovely as it shows how much he has benefited from the rest. He will now start to go out to a bit of dressage and showjumping to get our eye back in and we will be picking up where we left off with dressage trainer Silvia as well as traveling down to Somerford Park for our monthly lessons with Andrew Heffernan on the all weather XC.

I unfortunately had the flu just before Christmas which completely wiped me out for a day or two but did give me the opportunity to plan my BE season using my fabulous new Leroy and Bongo planner. I love getting my plans down on paper for the year, and with both Herbie and Jalisca competing in 2018, the diary has filled up nicely!

Jalisca has continued to polish her halo as the model youngster and is now confidently trotting and cantering under saddle, as well as showing a phenomenal loose jump – I am so excited about this mares future! She will have some front shoes on this week and is ready to start leaving the ground with a rider in preparation for the young horse classes later in the season.

Both horses will be having their pre season saddle checks, dental appointments and physio sessions this month. These checks are not to be overlooked as they are very important for making sure the horses are comfortable and therefore happy and able to perform to their best.

So 2018 is upon us, it’s all systems go, the countdown to the first event of the season is on and I need to try and squeeze myself and my extra ‘festive’ weight into some white breeches by Sunday for some BD practice with Herbie – wish me luck!!

Carrie x

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