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Where can I buy a Trickle Net from?

All our products are available to order online or over the phone. Order through our website at or if you fancy a chat you can give us a call on 01522 720972.

So how tough are your nets really? Can they withstand the abuse my horse will give it?

Oh yes! Our nets are super strong for a reason. They’re made from 4mm rot proof braided polyethylene twine with a core added for extra strength. They are also hand stitched making them extremely strong and robust meaning they last much longer than your average net. We’re pretty confident in saying that our products are the strongest feeding nets out there and we have netting strength tests to back this up! We’re happy to forward these test results for anyone interested. Now if your horse does manage to damage a Trickle Net, (and this is rare!) we offer a 6 month damage guarantee whereby we can repair the net for free, subject to you covering delivery both ways. That’s how confident we are in our products!

Will my horse get stressed from using the Trickle Net?

Horses graze naturally. If they do get stressed, it’s because we have taught them that they can have their forage all in one go! Our nets actually de-stress more than they cause stress. Some horses may struggle to get the hang of them at first, but with a little time they learn the grazing technique and the benefits are huge! Something to ponder: Does a horse get stressed when turned out in the paddock, because he can see all the grass but he can’t eat it quickly?

How do you tie the Trickle Net up in the stable?

Just the same as a normal hay net. We recommend you thread the rope across the thick ‘spine’ area where it has been stitched together. Simply because this is the strongest part of the net. As the netting is so tough and the small holes can be fiddly, a great tip to make life easier is to attach a screw gate carabiner to the spine so you can tie up and loop through that. After a few weeks use, the rope and netting won’t be so stiff to use. You may find that your ‘fresh’ Trickle Net won’t fully close at the top. Until the netting has softened, just thread your rope back across and through the other side to close it fully.

So I can use my net in the stable, but can I use it in the paddock?

Thanks to the small 25mm hole size, it’s impossible to get a hoof stuck through the netting. If the net is closed safely (with no loop of rope falling out) they can be left on the ground for unshod equines. We don’t recommend ground use for shod horses. If your horse is shod and you want to use the products on the ground, it is safer to fix the net into a strong container or even a bath tub. Screw gate carabiners are a great way of securing nets to things. (We do not recommend snap gate clips near horse’s muzzles.)

Awesome, so how do I close my Trickle Net/ Bale Net for ground use?

The ‘Shoelace method’ is a great way to safely close your Trickle Net for ground use. (See photo) Or you can purchase some screw gate carabiners from us (£4.99 each) and use these to close the top. Or you can probably find your own method. We recommend you seal the ends of the rope with some heat if you cut it, and always ensure there is no loop of rope to catch a foot in

What if I soak or dunk my hay?

Not a problem, the rot proof material can easily withstand soaking. The net is equipped with a thick rope which can take the weight of a full soaked net of hay which can weigh in excess of 40kg (who needs the gym?!). We have even had customers pop their net through a cool cycle in the washing machine when they get a bit pongy, inevitable when soaking forage!

What about if I use haylage?

Yes you can use haylage in the Trickle Net, it will just come out a little quicker than hay due to the longer strands. The Trickle Net will still slow your horse down considerably!

Do you do other colours?

Unfortunately no, however there’s a very good reason for this. We tested many different netting colours, but found that black was the most resistant to UV damage therefore giving extra strength to the net overall and invaluable if you use your net in the paddock.

As the nettings so strong, will it adversely affect my horses teeth?

We have no reports of any dental problems caused by using Trickle Nets. In fact, we have recommendations from dentists due to the fact Trickle Nets encourage the natural ‘nibble’ that horses graze with. Horses can eventually break through the netting if they continuously bite the same area, but due to the strong material it outlasts other nets by a very long way. The netting is no match for tooth enamel, and is not abrasive or hard enough to cause any damage. If a horse can graze from baked hard ground in summer with no ill effects, then Trickle Nets will certainly pose no problems at all.

My net is a strange shape…?

It starts off as a strange shape to begin with but with time and use the net will stretch into its true shape and soften. You may also find it will close better at the top after a couple of weeks wearing in. If you want to speed the process up, soak some hay in the net and hang it up to drain, the weight will elongate the net and show its true size. Remember these nets are very different to any other feeding nets you may have experienced!

The string at the top is going thin, do you do replacements?

We sure do, the replacement rope costs £4.99-£5.99 each including delivery. Simply drop us a line through the website or over the phone and we’ll sort one out for you.

I want to write a review, where can I do that?

We welcome all reviews and you can post your review on our Facebook page: or add your review to the website at Or search us out on Amazon and add your review there.

When will my Trickle Net order be delivered?

If you select express delivery before 1pm Monday to Thursday, orders are usually delivered the next day but this is not guaranteed. Express delivery is 1 to 2 working days. So, an order placed after 1pm Friday will not be dispatched until the following Monday. The Express delivery upgrade is £1.99.

If you select the Standard Royal Mail delivery option, this is an UNTRACKED service by Royal Mail and could take up to 5 working days to arrive. The Standard Royal Mail delivery option is free to customers. Please note we can not track Standard option deliveries!

Are Trickle Nets okay to use with a hay steamer?

Yes and No… they will shrink over time. We do have customers that use them in hay steamers and report shrinkage of approximately 1/4 over the course of a year. However, these customers say the benefits to the Trickle net outweigh the inconvenience of the shrinkage, so use them anyway. You could always steam your hay in a normal cheap haynet and then drop it straight into a Trickle net.

Has your Trickle Net tricked your pony? Top Tips to help your horse get the hang of a Trickle Net.

– Pulling a few strands out in random areas on the net can encourage horses to get going. When they pull strands to nibble, more will follow.

– Tie the net between 2 points so it is in a fixed position. Keeping the Trickle Net still can help in the beginning whilst they are getting used to using it.

– Soak some hay in the Trickle Net then hang it up to drain a few hours. This opens up the holes, making it a little easier for your horse to get nibbling!

-Mixing in / feeding tasty haylage in your Trickle Net is a great way to tempt a fussy eater to try a bit harder.

– Tipping in hard feed so it filters through the net is also a brilliant way to encourage horses to go foraging and tuck into their Trickle Nets.

– If your horse is unshod, try using the Trickle Net on the ground. If you are feeding hard feed, a great tip is to shake the bucket feed on top of the Trickle Net whilst it’s on the ground. As the horses finish their feed they will go foraging into the Trickle Net.

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