Back on Track!

What a difference a month can make! It still surprises…
23rd July 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Oh how we love a success story!

Here at Trickle Net HQ, we genuinely cannot get enough of your…
12th July 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Time for plan B…..

Sit down with a brew, it’s a long one……………..

4th July 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Getting back into the swing of things……………

Hurrah! The weather has improved, we’ve had a very busy…
3rd June 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Safe Grazing In Spring

Here at Trickle Net HQ, we can clearly see the effects of the Spring grass already.
28th March 2018/by Admin

Beating the January Blues!

With 2018 upon us and the countdown to the start of the BE season…
31st January 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the slight delay in getting my December blog out, to…
1st January 2018/by Ellen Chapman

Winter is here!

November is generally a quiet month for event horses and Herbie…
28th November 2017/by Ellen Chapman

And that’s a wrap……….

October sees the British Eventing season draw to a close,…
30th October 2017/by Ellen Chapman

Mud glorious Mud!

September didn’t get off to the best start as far as Herbies…
2nd October 2017/by Ellen Chapman

Lots of outings and a wedding!

Wow, I can’t believe we are in September already and there…
4th September 2017/by Ellen Chapman

Sponsored Dressage Rider Maisie Hodge June ’17 Blog

June has been a great month for Big G and I. We’ve been busy getting more competition experience, qualifying for Petplan Area Festivals and Regionals!
1st August 2017/by Abi Sim