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WOW! Trickle Net wins £10,000 after pitching to judges on the biggest problem in Equine welfare

I can’t stop smiling today! Trickle Net just won £10,000 after pitching to the judging panel at the finale of the Greenborough Management  10×10 Programme! This has been an incredible experience. 10 small businesses have attended 10 intensive training sessions since we began in January. Many people who are amazing at what they do have given […]

How do we have a happier horse in 2019?

So it’s 2019, and January is typically a time that us humans go on a bit of a health kick. I don’t know about you but I’m certainly trying to add in some more exercise and steering myself towards more fruit and vegetables. But what about your horse? Why not make 2019 the year to […]

What your horse actually wants for Christmas!

So as I write this there’s only a few days to go until Christmas, and excitement in our house is pretty high. Most of the presents are organised, and many of you will be thinking about getting a gift for your horse. Christmas is a great excuse to over indulge and splash out, but what […]

When is Ad lib just too much?

You’ve heard it before, or perhaps you even do it. Feeding ad lib hay is often thought to be the most natural way to feed forage. Well that depends entirely on the horse you’re feeding. Feeding ad lib hay can be a big mistake for some horses and ponies. Especially our Native breeds. Our Guest […]

Remember The Golden Rules of Feeding?

Our guest blogger Nicola Kinnard-Comedie, from NKC Equestrian Training talks about those old rules we seem to have forgotten. Why were they important, and do they still apply to modern horse care? With epidemic levels of equine obesity, laminitis and gut disorders, is it time we reflected on how we used to keep horses when these […]

Back on Track!

What a difference a month can make! It still surprises me that in this sport you can go from feeling like giving up one minute, to feeling like you can conquer the world the next and that’s certainly how my last month has gone! After seeing a glimmer of hope that all may not be […]

Oh how we love a success story!

Here at Trickle Net HQ, we genuinely cannot get enough of your success stories. Trickle Net came about when my horse Sully became seriously ill with Equine Metabolic Syndrome and the associated symptoms. (See the story of Trickle Net www.tricklenet.co.uk/story-of-tricklenet/ ) Sadly, he couldn’t win his battle. So every time one of our customers gets […]

Time for plan B…..

Sit down with a brew, it’s a long one…………….. So after finally managing to get a few good runs under our belt, Herbie and I were both feeling confident at Novice and I was starting to excitedly make plans for the rest of the season. It has always been my dream to ride him at […]